Daily Track: "Echo by Cut Snake"

October  22 2015.jpg

Cut Snake is a duo of pro-surfers turned DJs who tour worldwide playing house music and drinking beer out of tennis shoes aka a shoey. I was forwarded their music earlier this week and I instantly latched on to their track Echo. It is a reverb filled pop-house track that brightens my mood and gets me excited to hear more from these two. 

  1. These guys have a pretty good outlook on music. Everything they make is about having fun and that shows through their track but even more so on their YouTube channel where the post surf videos, party reels, and random vlogs. These dudes not only make cool music but they are pretty cool themselves.
  2. Echo is  the pop track of their upcoming EP 'Life's a Beach' which is full of Australian beach vibes and late night house rhythms. Based on this track alone I can already tell that the EP is going to be a keeper.
  3. I actually got the opportunity to talk on the phone with Fish and Sedz to discuss their music, San Francisco, and shoeies. You can listen to that interview in full here, brought to you by KUSF.org.

Check out Echo below and get pumped for Cut Snake's 'Life's a Beach' coming out on November 9th.