Daily Track: "Fairweather Friends feat. Erin Brick by Torches"

While I think the tropical sound is a bit overdone in electronic music, I can't help myself from bopping to the latest release from the Britain based producer TorchesFairweather Friends is the perfect track for those mid-week summer nights. 

  1. Right off the bat I am attracted to this song because it tells a story of romance and falling in love and I am a sucker for that butterflies feeling you feel when you fall in love. The chords and groove of the track compliment the idea of two friends falling in love and becoming something more. 
  2. Torches is a new producer to me and I can tell he is going to be a producer that I will follow for awhile. In this track, the listener is transported from house to nu-disco to electro on a bed of tropical sounds. Torches is very clean and diverse in his productions.
  3. Whilst listening to this song I get the taste of a margarita in my mouth and the need to get some sand in between my toes. The track makes you want to dance along the beach during the sunset in the hopes of falling in love for the summer. 

Support Torches' single Fairweather Friends featuring Erin Brick by listening to the track below!