Daily Track: "Flash Drive feat. Baby by Wave Racer"

In a spur of the moment decision I decided to attend a concert last Thursday based on the vibe I saw from the line-up. I didn't really know Wave Racer besides his track Streamers however that night turned into one of the best moments of 2015, for me. To thank Wave Racer, I want to share his track Flash Drive feat. Baby.

  1. Wave Racer follows the future movement and his style is truly defined by his unique implementation of arpeggiators and vocoders. Also, his use of natural and electronic sounds makes for a beautiful dance of juxtaposed sounds.
  2. The track features vocal from Baby that forces you to just dance and forget about the world. When he performed this song I put my hands up to let the music control my body and guide my soul into boppable nirvana. 
  3. Wave Racer also steers away from the common CDJ set-up for performing and launches clips, samples, and loops in Ableton using a MIDI controller which I always enjoy more because it is a little bit more human, so for that he earns more boppable points.

Check out Flash Drive featuring Baby below and be sure to check out Wave Racer's Flash Drive EP which is coming out this October!