Daily Track: "Fell in the Sun by Big Grams"

September 14 2015.jpg

Collaborations are always worth listening to because even if the song sucks you are still getting two for the price of one. Now, when collaborations happen across genres it is like winning the lottery as a listener. Recently, Phantogram and Big Boi released a collaboration together called Fell in the Sun and it is abut for  the debut single for their project, Big Grams, which will include a self-titled EP dropping on September 25th.

  1. I have seen Phantogram perform a couple of times and they always amaze me with their emotion when performing. When you can see an artist feel the notes they play and the words they sing you will feel the emotion just as much.After seeing the band live I feel that emotion whenever I listen to their music.
  2. Big Boi is no stranger to boppability. He and Andre 3000 were the kings of boppability in the early 2000s and now Big Boi is bringing his boppable style out again in a completely new way. "Talk about a Vitamin D overdose."
  3. The song itself perfectly blends Phantogram's instrumentation and style with the classic Atlanta hip-hop sound that makes you want to pop champagne in the back of a Cadillac as you roll around with the homies. Or at least that's how I see it.  No matter what you see, we can all agree that it is boppable.

Start your week off right with a little hip-hop and a little alternative rock by listening to Big Grams Fell in the Sun