Daily Track: "First Mythz by Rustie" Bonus: Peace Upzzz

Rustie is back with more music and this latest record is coming at you with a nice amount of euphoric dolphin samples. First Mythz was dropped yesterday and after listening to the first minute of the track I was sold.

UPDATE 11/4/2015 at 11:18 AM: Rustie actually released another track titled Peace Upzzz that is as equally amazing as First Mythz. This one plays more with the melody and synths with hints of oversampling. Check it out below!

  1. Rustie incorporated a lot of different textures into this track making it a diverse platter of sound. From the dolphin samples to the techno synth progressions, First Mythz stands out for its diversity and powerful energy.
  2. The drums on the track are a mix of house hi-hats and 808s that blur lines between hip-hop and electronic music. Instead of being hit with a 4 to the floor beat the listener is hit with a techno and MPC love child.
  3. There is a distinct change we are hearing from Rustie's last release, Big Catzz. While the synthesis and drum work are cut from the same cloth, there is a new sense of experimentation coming from Rustie with this track. It definitely can fit into the Nintendo inspired music we are hearing now days yet when you hear the 808s you know it is a Rustie track. I am stoked to hear what comes next from this guy.

Check out First Mythz below and follow Rustie for more euphoric, hard hitting tracks like this one and Big Catzz.