Daily Track: "Do My Dance by Lil B x Chance The Rapper"

August 6 2015.jpg

Yesterday the internet was blessed with a project created by two of the most influential figures in hip-hop today. Lil B and Chance The Rapper have been teasing their audiences with the notions that the two were working together to create what turns out to be a mixtape full of freestyles. ' Free (BASED FREESTYLE MIXTAPE)' is boppable for sure and here is why you need to download/listen/blast it right now:

  1. The based freestyle method used to create this mixtape is so old school and so unique. In times where everybody is complaining about ghost writers it is refreshing to hear two rappers flaunt their freestyle skills to create something fresh and new. There was once a time when a rapper was judged on his freestyle skills as much as his writing skills. Chance explains the methodology at the beginning of What's Next, "We are making an entire piece of content from scratch, where the best things in life come from. The best things in life come from nothing and become something different."
  2. You can tell that the whole production of the mixtape is authentic and raw. There are melodic, introspective tracks and also extremely boppable mobbing songs. The mixtape is diverse and has a wide spectrum of mood applicability. I can either get the feels with Amen or I can be thug with We Rare.
  3. I was not much of a Lil B fan before listening to this joint with Chance The Rapper, but I can say that I am a fan now for sure. This project really shows the level of caliber these two artists create music at and you just don't see that much anymore. Rappers and artists are held down by labels or the "norm". I think people need to make shit that they like and not worry about if the radio stations will play it or if it will go platinum. Just make good music.

Listen to the full Free (BASED FREESTYLE MIXTAPE) by Lil B x Chance The Rapper. Download and share if ya dig!