Daily Track: "Dreaming feat. Susy Sun by Go Periscope"

Go Periscope has been a favorite of mine since my freshman year of high-school and the synthesized trio has grown so much since their first mixtapes. I am beyond stoked to share with you their latest single Dreaming which features the lyrical talents of Susy Sun, a Seattle based vocalist. I don't have to mention that the song is boppable, but let's discuss why.

  1. First of all, I really love the way the trio views production. From what I can gather by watching the videos they post, these guys utilize live instruments and analog synths to create the succulent sounds in their songs. This gives an unique sound that separates them from the rest of the VST preset producers in the saturated world of electronica which is why I heavily support them by buying their music and sharing their talents. #SupportGoodMusic
  2. Susy Sun is a new name to me and I am glad to be introduced to her through Go Periscope. Susy lends her voice to a wide variety of genres from electronica to indie pop. Her voice is soft yet strong, which gives the listener an invitation to get lost in the music. Be sure to listen to her Wanderlust EP for more.
  3. The song holds a surreal theme that is uplifting and optimistic. Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, this song has the potential of taking you on a journey of euphoria as each note puts you into a dream like state. If it doesn't make you bop your ahead, you will definitely start to sway. 

Listen to Go Periscope's latest single below and become acquainted with Susy Sun.