Daily Track: "Five Minutes by Her"

The French duo Her came out of nowhere and they released a new track titled Five Minutes last week on Soundcloud. All the major blogs picked it up and now I am featuring here on my wee site. Everyone is right. This song is ridiculously sexy and boppable. 

  1. Back in April Pigeons and Planes deemed their music video for Quiet Like as one of the most sexy music videos to come out this year. This duo keeps details about them secret, but what we do know about them is that they have a tight hold on human sexuality. 
  2. The song Five Minutes creates a sexy undertone for anyone in the mood to make love. The lyrics are so powerful and sensual. All he needs is five minutes to make love which is pretty incredible, showing the level of passion that he has for her. 
  3. Sex and music can be a very delicate combination. Sometimes it is just blatantly about being horny and misogynistic. At other times it can be like Her where it is wrapped up in a classy 3 minutes and 44 seconds and it is tracks like Five Minutes that really show human passion and sexuality.

If you are ready to be all hot and bothered click play on Five Minutes below. Show some love to Her by following the duo on Soundcloud.