Daily Track: "Dungeons & Dragons by Hex Cougar"

Boppability is a great power and with great power comes a great responsibility to make the crowd dance. Hex Cougar accomplishes that and more with his RPG themed bass track titled perfectly Dungeons and Dragons. 

  1. Sadly, I don't drive anymore. If you are a broke college student like I am you can barely afford rent in San Francisco. So, I have no way of affording a vehicle and don't get me started on parking in the city. Any way, I mention driving because if I did drive Dungeons and Dragons would be on my mobbin' playlist for sure. The melody and the bass are conjured up in such a fashion that makes me want to lean back and bop my head to the beat as I pass the red lights. *End Day Dream* 
  2. Hex Cougar is a new name around these parts and I welcome him and his beats with open arms. The dude's track record is full of themed, boppable hits like Dungeons and Dragons with a vibe that screams Hip-Hop, but with the energy of a rave. This dude knows his way around a DAW and you will probably see him hitting the festival circuit very soon.
  3. This track is going to be released on the Shifty Rhythms compilation  that drops on July 13th. This will be full of bass and melodies that will either have you feeling some type of way or bopping your head and moving your body. The Red Panda Crew is killing the scene in LA and need to be watched as they gain traction.

Check out Hex Cougar's Dungeons and Dragons and be sure to repost it to show some love for the Red Panda Crew, Shifty Rhythms.