Daily Track: "Hotline Bling by Bearface"

Bearface is one of my favorite producers who never ceases to amaze me with his sensual beats and unique take on production. Today, I want to feature the producer's latest project which is a remake of Hotline Bling and it is a production coming out of Brockhampton. It is boppable and purely amazing.

  1. First of all, Drake set a bar with his original track and many rappers/producers have jumped and failed to reach it. Bearface just pole vaulted over it. This not only captures the rap-pop vibe that Drake does all so well, but it also puts a spin that materializes the forward thinking mantra of the Brockhampton group.
  2. The production is classic. Classic in the sense that Bearface went beyond the DAW to add sounds to the beat. He contracted Joba for some Rhodes and incorporated a variety of people to make this track possible. A true artist and conductor. 
  3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower sample that lays the foundation for the track is perfect. THAT is the glue of the track and it is the touch that sells it for me. Good call Bearface.

Give your ears a present by clicking play on Bearface's Hotline Bling below and be sure to share this beauty with the world.