Daily Track: "Chinese Nü Yr by Iglooghost"

Today's Daily Track is coming straight at you from the 5 MUNI. I'm sitting on the bus answering emails when I get a press release from Iglooghost. It is about his new EP 'Chinese Nü Yr'  and I wasn't too interested until I updated my Twitter status where I saw Flying Lotus personal recommended his signee's EP. Okay... now I have to check this out and holy shit this production is ridiculous.

  1. The production is somewhere between Waveracer, Flying Lotus, and J. Dilla. Scratch that. No description gives Iglooghost justice when it comes to his glitchy, manic production. The sporadic nature of his synths and his twitchy melodic one-shots give the production a sound that is a little bit of everything you heard before that is simultaneously out of this world. 
  2. The track with Mr. Yotes sits somewhere between glitch-hop, bubble trap, and Nintendo 64 grindcore. The whole smorgasbord of sound is made in such a way that this track (and every track on the EP) is guaranteed to get you hyped. Get those trap arms ready. 
  3. At the end of it all, this music is weird. The structure is abstract, the arrangement is unconventional, and, most importantly, it is created in such a way where the listener doesn't know what is going to happen next. The weirdness factor here is directly correlated to its intelligence. What you are hearing is raw art. The realest of the real. 

Go listen to 'Chinese Nü Yr' right now and be sure to peep Mametchi / Usohaci feat. Mr. Yote. THE HYPE IS REAL.