Daily Track: "Interrupt by Sowle"

October 28 2015.jpg

I grew up in a small town with nothing to do besides ride dirt bikes (if you could afford that), skate around (kinda), or just get into trouble with drugs and alcohol. For me, music was where I could have fun and stay out of trouble so I understand what Sowle is going through in Michigan. Who is Sowle? He is the 17 year old prodigy that you should be listening to right now. This kid not only can rap but his beat production is on point. The fact that his vision is so clear at this age means only good things can come from this dude. 

  1. Interrupt is a pat yourself on the back kind of track. While that sounds over done and simplistic Sowle keeps things interesting with his brutal honesty. He is completely self aware of who he is and where he is at in his career. He isn't trying to fantasize a life that he doesn't live. He tells us that he is confident, capable, and can make a splash.
  2. Sowle is also a complete entrepreneur when it comes to this (and more) track. He produced and wrote the whole track because "he didn't like rapping over other producers' beats." That is amazing. He is thinking of his career on a whole other level. This isn't a past time for young Swole. This is a business.
  3. In the song he mentions that he is "ahead of the curve" and that can't be more true. He knows what he is spitting and he understands what he wants to sound like. He isn't rapping over a Sonny Digital beat or trying to compliment Future with his flow. The whole show is a Sowle production.

Check out Interrupt below and be sure to follow Sowle. This dude has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.