Daily Track: "Keep You Here by Aer"

Aer will sound familiar because there was a brief moment in 2014 when the duo came out swinging with their record Say She Loves MeSince then we haven't heard much from the duo, but I refuse to let them be a one hit wonder. That is why I am sharing this chill, boppable beat this early Friday morning to start the weekend off right. Here is why you need to take a listen to Keep You Here which comes off of Aer's new album 'One of a Kind' dropping on August 14th! 

  1. Keep You Here is a smooth indie number that makes you sway and bop your head. I picture myself spending my days on the beaches of San Diego as I listen to this song. The track holds an aesthetic consisting of Coronas and weed which is the perfect combination for boppablitiy.

  2. The song is a simple love track that we don't hear much of anymore. There was once a time in music where an artist's career was based around creating simple love tracks. Sure, Keep You Here, may not be a complex record that blows minds, but it is the record that puts you in a good mood and gets your head bopping and at the end of the day that is all we really need.

  3. Aer is a strange cross breed between indie rock and hip-hop. That makes their whole demeanor unique and that may be why so many people have trouble latching onto them. I say that Keep You Here and there upcoming album 'One of a Kind' is what most people need to convince them that Aer is a duo they need to follow. 

Support the Fresh Aer Movement and listen to their new single Keep You Here which comes off of the album 'One of a Kind' dropping on August 14th!