Daily Track: "Kings of Summer feat. Quinn by Ayokay"

Ayokay made his big debut today on ThisSongKicks.com with the release of his single, Kings of Summer, featuring friendly vocalist Quinn. This chill, down-tempo beat is uber boppable and perfect for the poolside. 

  1. We first heard of Ayokay on the EDM Radio Show with his productions that were tailored to compliment the voice of Michigan based artist Quinn. Their tracks have been featured on the blog a couple of times and FFYL is a perfect introduction of the two artists and their chill, boppable aesthetic. 
  2. While this isn't a rager banger that would be played at EDC this song does have a place on rooftop pools where the drinks are always iced, the people are always beautiful, and the beats are always boppin'. The theme of summer nights and no worries is clearly demonstrated with the chill atmosphere of the song.
  3. Quinn's lyrics add to the previously mentioned atmosphere with thoughts of optimism and wonder. The summer always brings feelings of being young and vibrant with a feeling that anything can happen. Whether it be a kiss from the girl next door or a new friendship, the summer always brings out new adventures. 

Be sure to listen to Ayokay's debut single Kings of Summer featuring Quinn  below and give him a heart on Soundcloud if you truly dig!