Daily Track: "Kush feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon (Arman Cekin & PLS&TY Remix) by Dr. Dre"

HAPPY 420! I decided to post this Daily Track at 4:20 to pay tribute to everyone lighting up that sticky icky and, to go along with your garage hot-box sessions, I offer a song to back track the occasion. Dr. Dre has been teasing the Detox album for an eternity and Kush featuring Snoop Dog and Akon was one of the only singles to be leaked from the unreleased album. The song was pretty generic and was only a boppable jam for a few months after its release in 2010. Today, it is revived by two underground producers that are making hit after hit, Arman Cekin & PLS&TY.

  1. Dr. Dre and his Detox album used to captivate me, but now I just roll my eyes at the notion that the album will actually be released in my lifetime. This was the closest we ever got to the sound of the new album and even the original Kush felt like a generic song about smoking the sticky icky. Regardless it was a hit that we can add to Dr. Dre's discography.
  2. The original track was produced by DJ Khalil. He isn't a well known name outside the hip-hop/rap community, but no one can deny the fact that the dude knows his way around an 808. Khalil can produce a great record and Kush is a great example of that fact.
  3. Arman Cekin & PLS&TY both have been producing hit after hit. I first debuted their tracks on my radio show and Arman Cekin really caught my attention with his remix of Bone Thugs N Harmony. PLS&TY (pronounced Please and Thank You) caught my attention with his remix of Suga Suga. These dudes have a way of reviving old Hip-Hop jams and I am always amazed with every remix they do because they always bring me back to a simpler time where I was just a young Deanith, skating around listening to music. 

Support Arman Cekin and PLS&TY by listening to their remix of Kush below and if you like it be sure to repost it!