Daily Track: "Kyoto by Aso"

A big part of my middle school life was filled with listening to my local public radio's jazz station late at night. I was the weird kid who enjoyed the soothing sounds of jazz and the craziness that is acid jazz. Now as I have gotten older my love for jazz has become less prominent however I still reserve a big space in my heart for a spontaneous rhythm. Today I want to share Kyoto, a beautifully composed piece by California based producer Aso.

  1. Aso describes himself as a beat maker which leads me to believe that the dude can create a boppable beat. This was confirmed as soon as the drums hit in Kyoto because instantaneously I started tapping my foot whilst bopping my head. The rhythm of the track is on point.
  2. I was never into Japanese art and music growing up. For some reason anime and Pokemon seemed to just pass over my radar however I do appreciate the sound of Japanese music and how it has influenced modern dance culture. Aso's track was inspired by Lamp, an indie pop trio from Japan, and the sampled lyrics carry a magical tone. I may not understand what is being said, but I do understand the emotion coming from every word.
  3. This track is a perfect testament to the diversity of the boppable definition. This song is chill and jazzy. This won't be played at a rave. Kyoto is the type of song that is put on while friends chillout and drink espresso. Nevertheless, the track holds its own and serves as a boppable, mystical escape from reality.

Check out Aso's Kyoto below and be sure to share the love by checking out Lamp. <3