Daily Track:"Magic Container feat. Dirty Chocolate by MISOGI"

Pigeons and Planes recently published a piece on the top ten Soundcloud producers in the game right now and they are all killing it. In the article, the author mentioned how Soundcloud is nowadays a breeding ground for talent and a way for producers to make a career out of boppable beat molding. Today I want to share a boppable producer from that article that goes by the name MISOGI.

  1. MISOGI is a Dubai native who is one of the most diverse artists in the game. The dude has produced for many big names and his sound is constantly evolving. You can tell with each project that MISOGI is challenging himself to go further. The track Magic Container feat. Dirty Chocolate (another great SC producer) is a testament to that.
  2. Magic Container is a track that vocalizes MISOGI's ability to produce a future style beat with fresh hip-hop undertones. The track is a bit different from his other stuff, but it is still magical and boppable. It is like future with an 808 and snare roll. So good!
  3. Another cool part of the track is the chopped female vocal samples complimented by the chords in the track. This creates a tight melody that gets the listener's head moving. Also, he utilizes that Zelda sample which is heavily overused however I still love the sample every time I hear it, no matter how much of a music whore it is.

Magical Container featuring Dirty Chocolate is the second track off of MISOGI's PINK2 EP which is available on Bandcamp for free/name your price.