Daily Track: "Coming Home (Marc May Remix) by Diddy, Dirty Money Ft. Skylar Grey"

Diddy may be an asshole who throws tantrums, but under that edgy exterior is a rapper who once made boppable music. Now, I am in the minority when I say Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey was an excellent track, but I still fuck with it just as much now as I did when I was 14. Today, the song was revived into a summer boppable remix by Marc May.

  1. When Coming Home came out I was in high school and it was a confusing phase in my life where I struggled figuring out who I was. I am still trying to figure out who Dean is but this song always struck a chord with me. It made me believe that even though people come and go in your life, scenery changes, there is always a "home" you can come back too. Whether that home be literal or figurative. The world doesn't always have to be negative.
  2. Diddy was never a select rapper for my tastes, but when he isn't throwing medicine balls at people, he can spit a few bars of gold. This came from a time when I still viewed Diddy as a rapper in the game than just a name that sounds like an innuendo.
  3. Marc May fell onto the bandwagon of producers who make tropical house and he is driving that wagon like Kygo. (That was a weird metaphor, but hear me out.) The dude's production work is solid and he manages to retain Coming Home's original emotion by adding a tropical heart beat. Good job Marc!

Support the trop-hop by listening to the remix below and if ya dig be sure to favorite it!