Daily Track: "Maximalist by Baths"

Ambient music is one of those genres that I can't fathom how it can be profitable enough to support an artist which is why I am beyond thankful for artists like Baths who can create beautiful, full-length albums that are full of boppable vibes. Today, I want to share Maximalist and his debut LP 'Cerulean'.

  1. Ambient music has a negative connotation of being slow and evolving. Baths may not produce at 128 BPM, but he does make boppable music that is slower and more powerful than most electro house bangers. Each track off of 'Cerulean' evolves and grows as the song progresses all with the driving force of a boppable drum loop.
  2. The production style of Baths can be categorized somewhere between electronica and hip-hop. I say he sounds like MGMT and Pretty Lights' love-child who uses an MPC loaded up with the best hip-hop sounds and vocal samples. Each song is made with drums that get your head boppin' and then he captivates you with beautiful chords and sometimes catchy lyrics.
  3. The LP as a whole is cohesive and moving. I seriously was not expecting to love this whole album as much as I did. I thought it was going to be weird experimental jargon and luckily it turned out to be beautiful experimental jargon that remains timeless since it was released five years ago. If you are looking for just a taste, definitely listen to Maximalist first.

Check out Maximalist below and if you dig the sounds of Baths then you can stream the entire 'Cerulean' LP on Spotify.