Daily Track: "MDMA by That Wasn't Grass x Pimprenelle"

HELLO! It is great to be back on the blog. I have been MIA for a bit as school starts again, but now I am coming back with some MDMA. (#TurnUp) This track is the child of a collaboration between That Wasn't Grass and Pimprenelle. They are two boppable producers I came across on my Soundcloud feed and this track is the perfect turn up song that gets you in the mood to deal with all the bullshit of the week.

  1. This track incorporates a lot of familiar samples which makes it a familiar for most people. Also, it chops and screws them in a way that is refreshing creating a nice balance between new and old.
  2. The beat itself has a weird mix of bollywood and trap vibes. I don't really know how to describe it other than that but what is important is that it gets the people going.
  3. Upon the final drop of the chorus is when shit starts to get crazy. That plucking synth mixed with the filthy bass will have your brain firing o

If you want to start your work week off right I highly suggest you listen to MDMA by That Wasn't Grass and Pimprenelle. The track is available for free as well so show some love by liking it on Soundcloud!