Daily LP: "Meow The Jewels by Run The Jewels + Friends"

I have never done a follow up to an album or LP after it was released but I couldn't help myself when it came to the Meow The Jewels project. The full album was quietly dropped last Wednesday and I am kicking myself for not knowing about it until today. With names such as Blood DiamondsBOOTS, and Lil Bub this project is a force to be reckoned with and it is UNBELIEVABLY boppable.

  1. Every track uses cat samples in such a smart way. It is one thing to insert a meow hear and there, but on this LP the producers interlaced cat samples into every portion of the project from the drums to the instruments. As a producer, I am fucking impressed.
  2. Each track is really remixed. These aren't the original songs with new instrumentals. Every song is flipped and toyed with in a way that separates Meow The Jewels from Run The Jewels 2. If you think you have heard all these songs before you are dead wrong.
  3. What is even more awesome about this whole project is that the proceeds for a limited run of Meow The Jewels vinyls are being donated to charity. I always love music when it is made for a cause. It makes it even more boppable. 

Head over to the Run The Jewels website to download Meow the Jewels for free and pick up a limited edition vinyl of the album for only $38 USD.