Daily Track: "Chasing Clouds by MÖWE"

Fridays are the designated kick-off days to the weekend and a good kick off is started with an upbeat morning. While you may want a bass heavy track to turn you up as soon as the clock strikes 5pm, a melodice house track is what you need to start your Friday off right. MÖWE's track Chasing Clouds will do that for you and here's why:

  1.  MÖWE is a collaboration between Vienna artists Mel and Clemens is one that sounds like an indie rock band while having the attitude of an electronic artist like Chromeo. The duo has a unique funk sound to their music and it is center stage in Chasing Clouds.
  2. The track itself is an accurate representation of the title. Every note bounces along with the rhythm of the drums, thus creating a boppable tone to groove too. Even if you are depressed to the point of despair, the boppability of Chasing Clouds will break a temporary smile
  3. What really sold me on this track is the warmness of vocals and the inviting sound of the production. You can tell that Mel and Clemens just want to have a good time. The music expresses their euphoria without resorting to tactics such as sex and money. They truly know how to make a boppable pop track.

Listen to MÖWE's track Chasing Clouds below and be sure to heart it if you dig it!