Daily Track: "Nasty by Halpe"

History repeats itself. London and the British hip-hop scene is taking over the world. From Danny Seth to Skepta, artists and producers are popping up all around the globe, outside of their typical fan base. One of my favorite producers right now is the 17 year old prodigy, Halpe. He may not be from London (he is from Argentina) but he has a degree in hip-hop production. His interpretations are crazy and this week he dropped his latest tune Nasty and it goes hard.

  1. After listening to Halpe's Soundcloud discography I can say that this is different for him. For a young producer it is good to branch out and try new things which is what Halpe is doing so well in Nasty.
  2. The track itself is a remix of Skepta's Nasty. Halpe introduces new sounds and vibes into the track with his spacey synths and the hard hitting drums cause the track to bleed raw power.
  3. This track isn't mixed or mastered yet, but the fact that a rough demo like this is so boppable shows how clear Halpe's vision is. I really hope he goes all the way with this track. 

You can listen to Halpe's rough yet boppable demo below. Be sure to show him some love on Soundcloud and tell him to finish this track! The world needs it!