Daily Track: "Nobody Has To Know feat. Ty Dolla $ign (Gostan Extended Mix) by Kranium"

Gostan was first featured on the EDM blog with his jazzy house track featuring a speech from President Kennedy. Since then, I have been compelled to follow the producer and today I am glad to share his latest production which is an extended mix of the summer hit Nobody Has To Know by Kranium featuring Ty Dolla $ign

  1. The track is a remix of the awesome RnB track that is Nobody Has To Know. The track may be poppy and it may be a little familiar, but the reggae vibe sells the record for me. It also goes without saying that Ty Dolla $ign further sells the track with his smooth verse coming in midway through the song. On the surface, Nobody Has To Know is just another Top 40 money maker, but if you give the track a chance, I guarantee you will find the track as boppable as I do.
  2. Gostan takes the original and turns it into a jazzy house hit. Nobody Has To Know just made the jump from the hip-hop nights at the club to beach houses across the world. While the tropical vibe is over done, Gostan's texture of his saxophone and unique production style make his Nobody Has To Know remix worth a listen.
  3. Laslty, the track itself is really sexy and I can see myself dancing with a significant other as the song serves as the perfect soundtrack to the end of a perfect day. Or maybe I am at a party and I meet someone new. This song definitely makes guy or girl want to get lucky for the night. 

Trust me by taking a listen to Gostan's jazzy rendition of Nobody Has To Know by Kranium featuring Ty Dolla $Ign.