Daily Track: "One And Only by Sable"

Video games play a big role in my life and they were a big part of my childhood. I always enjoyed picking up a controller and getting lost in a world of imagination. For me what makes a video game great is the music that goes along with it. I mean, the only reason I loved Crazy Taxi as much as I did was because of that Offspring track. (And now I have, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" stuck in my head...)

Any way, today I want to share a boppable video game-esque track that comes from the Perthian producer Sable. Let the sound of One And Only transport you into another world.

  1. Like I stated in the introduction, video games are a big part of my life. Even though I don't play games daily, I still enjoy playing an RPG here and there. The melody and instruments of the track immediately remind me of that feeling when I am playing as a Mario, Link, or the nameless boy in Limbo.
  2. The track vocalizes that need to save the princess or complete the mission. Every video game has some type of objective and it is that objective that drives us gamers insane. Our attachment to the goal is our one and only escape from reality where there are monsters and villains we can't always defeat.
  3. The song is touching on the subject of love without a doubt and I think Sable did an excellent job of explaining the meaning behind the track. "One and Only is a love song with a hidden meaning. Its focus is on the relationships people build online and then the feelings of attachment they develop from that. It's a pop song at heart dressed in a club aesthetic" - Sable

Listen to One and Only by Sable below. Be sure to give him a heart on Soundcloud if you dig the track!