Daily Track: "Pay No Mind (Lemaitre Remix) by Madeon"

Whether you know it or not Madeon is one of the greatest producers alive today. The dude is a genius when it comes to creating emotional dance music and as if his collaboration with Passion Pit wasn't enough he commissioned Lemaitre to remix his track Pay No Mind. Prepare yourself for the boppable funk.

  1. Lemaitre nailed this remix as they took a funky synthophonic spin on the track. While the track itself was already a funky, nu-disco number Lemaitre revived it in a way that blends an 80s style riff with the funkiness that is nu-disco.
  2. The guitar and other live instruments used with in the track really add a human element to the world of electronic music that is heavily dictated by human programming and synthesized sounds.
  3. Lastly, the track itself is one that makes me happy enough to dance around my office as I write this. Thankfully, I am the only one who is in today.

What are you waiting for? Listen to Lemaitre's remix of Pay No Mind below and be sure to cop the remix EP on iTunes now.