Daily Track: "Drive by Pretty Sister"

RnB in the early 2000s was one of the first funkiest marks of music in the 21st century. Now, as we go forward into 2016 I am starting to see more and more RnB influenced projects come out from The Flavr Blue coming out of Seattle to Night Beats latest album 'Who Sold My Generation'. One of the latest acts to jump on the scene is Pretty Sister, an RnB producer and artist who will soon be driving his way to the top with his succulent beats.

Pretty Sister can make sexy fun and funky without it being to perverted or too clean. His beats are so high quality that they will bump on the best systems and in your 1995 Honda Civic that only plays in mono. His voice epitomizes the classic Rnb sound of the early 2000s and because we are hearing it in 2016 it is distinguishable from the rest. 

He only has three tracks on his Soundcloud with two being amazing covers of Pony by Ginuwine and California Girl by Katy Perry. While those two are amazing (definitely listen to them) I want to highlight Drive. Pretty Sister's first single is a story and anthem for sexy, summer dates. While it is only February, this song will make you want to put the top down with your shades on while blasting out the stereo. From the boppable beat to the catchy lyrics ('Cause we've got the top down radio on. Singing every words to the jukebox song.), this song will get stuck on repeat and forever be in your 2016 summer playlist. 

Check out Pretty Sister's Drive below and be sure to support him on iTunes!