Daily Track: "Remember Me feat. Chance the Rapper by Kyle"

October 6 2015.jpg

It's a sunny Monday morning in San Francisco and as I try to pull myself out of bed to deal with the world I think back over the weekend. I get really retrospective in the mornings and I am really critical about the decisions I made in the past 72 hours. The one song that I have on repeat as I get up to shower, shave, and brush my teeth is Kyle's new track featuring Chance the RapperRemember Me.

  1. First of all. the beat is jazzy and emotional in such a way that reminds me of 2011 hip-hop that is played at 3 AM in the club. It is meditative and moody, perfect for the Monday morning blues. 
  2. Kyle opens up and talks about reminiscing in a way in which we are all familiar with. "The past is just a story we tell ourselves."
  3. Chance on the chorus is one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard in hip-hop in a long time. Too many rappers hide behind auto-tune or post production tools to harmonize but Chance doesn't. His talents as a singer and lyricist shine in this one.

Check out Remember Me below and be sure to keep an eye on Chance and Kyle. They are doing big things.