Daily Track: "Say So by G-Eazy"

G-Eazy is royalty in the Bay Area and he is definitely coming up to take over the world. This track isn't the most intricate piece of work, but it does have an awesome sample and can be turned all the way up when you mob.

  1. In the beginning, what sold me was the Big Lebowski sample. "Forget it Donny. You're out of your element." and then the beat drops amazing. 
  2. G-Eazy comes in with his typical pats on the back and is flexing on the whole world. Most rappers would be seen as a threat with these types of raps but I when G-Eazy does it is more of a speech. He isn't flexing against the world, the world is flexing with him.
  3. The song itself is easy and simple. If you got something to say, just say it. Simple with a boppable melody and smooth kick drum.

Check out G-Eazy and Vinylz new collaboration Say So below. It is also available to download for free.