Daily Track: "Self Portrait by Handguns"

As I get through my college sentence that entails four years of papers, mild activism, and house parties I remember that in the end of it all I need to be doing what I love because I am the maker of my destiny. That is what Handguns latest single, Self Portrait, speaks to and it is my new pop-punk fave.

  1. For as much as I listen to and rep electronic/hip-hop music I am just a little punk kid at heart. I enjoy the fast paced melodies and lyrics speaking to living a happy, "fuck what authority says" life style. That is exactly what you get with Self Portrait.
  2. The lyrics are simple, the beat is classic pop-punk, and it really gets me in a mood to take on whatever bullshit comes my way as I put in my time at the university. (Academia Rehabilitation)
  3. The Little Miss Sunshine sample in the beginning provides a perfect abstract of the track and what it means to be successful. Remember, life is essentially your self portrait and you are the illustrator.

Put on your skinny jeans and a pair of vans. Then rock out to HandgunsSelf Portrait which is a single of their upcoming album, 'Disenchanted' which drops on November 15th.