Daily Track: "Seventeen by ACADEMY" #WBW

Even though I am a brown man I identify with white collegiate rappers more so than I do with Drake. That is why guys like ACADEMY will always have a place reserved on my playlist. This is an older track but the beat is on point.

  1. You will instantly recognize the sample in the beat as Lorde's intro in her track The Love Club. That alone sold me on the track because it builds a solid foundation for their track and Lorde always ups the boppability factor. 
  2. The track itself is a pretty accurate description of college freshman and high school seniors. It is pretty misogynistic but it really does tell a story that is told every semester.
  3. At the end of the day this is just a fun track that is boppable enough to play as you mob around in the afternoon. It is well produced and it brings good vibes.

Peep the track below and be sure to check out ACADEMY's latest record on their Soundcloud.