Daily Track: "Shivers feat. JP Cooper by SG Lewis"

September 11 2015.jpg

Friday mornings always need to be started off with cool vibes that get your body and mind settled for a weekend of endless possibilities. Today, SG Lewis has the track that will do just that. It is smooth, moody, and boppable. What more could you ask for?

  1. JP Cooper is the vocalist on the track and he nails it. His voice is powerful yet delicate and he makes you want to snap your fingers to the beat as you tap your toes with your head to the sky.
  2. The track itself features vocals that are optimistic and reminiscent of a time where everything was okay. The birds were flying, the sun was shining, and we all sat together in a bed of happiness.
  3. SG Lewis locked the production with his four to the floor drum pattern and euphoric pads that make the track come alive with every note.

Get your Friday started off right with all the smoothness that is Shivers featuring JP Cooper. This track is coming off of SG Lewis' debut EP so follow him on Soundcloud to be the first to hear it when it drops.