Daily Track: "Divided by Slips and Slurs"

Slips and Slurs is a great name for a producer(s) that we know nothing about. The track Divided was released earlier this month on Monstercat Records and the whole internet is wondering who is behind this traptastic piece. I am not sure who made the beat, but what is important is that I know it is freakin' boppable.

  1. Since I don't know much about Slips and Slurs, let's talk about why a Monstercat track is guaranteed to be a boppable hit. Monstercat is behind artists such as Pegboard Nerds and Krewella (guilty pleasure) and they are one of the most well established independent labels in electronic music. Their sound is spread throughout multiple genres, but each track released is made with a unique touch and well-sense of what it means to be boppable. 
  2. The track itself is trap, but while it comes across as stereotypical bass song that you will hear in the afternoon at a festival as the openers play, I think we have to give Slips and Slurs more credit. Divided is well produced and the track features this bass sample that reminds me of the trumpet boy calling the Calvary. It brings the listener in and prepares that for 3 minutes and 46 seconds of trap arms.
  3. Another awesome thing about Monstercat is that they have an active subreddit (/r/monstercat) and when this song was released the reddit blew up. People have a lot of theories and evidence to suggest who may be behind the name Slips and Slurs. It is like the Walt Disney conspiracy theories, but for trap music.

Support the awesome dude or lady-dude who made the track below by giving it a listen and if you really, really dig, buy it on Bandcamp.