Daily Track: "Sour Patch Kids by Bryce Vine"

Bryce Vine came out with an awesome summer EP last year and I recently discovered "Lazy Fair" for my radio show whilst digging through the currents section in the studio. I am so glad I did because the whole thing is dope and Sour Patch Kids is the most boppable track off the EP. 

  1. Bryce Vine's laid-back style to rap and pop leave the listener in a state of good vibes. This whole EP is good vibes and every time I play it I want to drop what I am doing, grab a six pack, and go chill with some friends on the beach.
  2. The song itself sends an awesome message. When you grow up you often miss the chill, easy days of being a kid when you just played video games, ate candy, and drank soda. Sour Patch Kids is all about that life and the references to the 90s makes the track even more relatable to millennials. 
  3. The track is made with a west coast vibe in terms of the beat production and it is very lush with the guitar. Perfect for chilling.
  4. Bonus: Spotify sat down with Bryce Vine to talk about his EP and the commentary is golden. 

Go check out Sour Patch Kids on Soundcloud and be sure to show some love on Bryce's SC profile by listening to his latest tracks.