Daily Track: "Spectrum by GoldLink"

I just spent the last week in NY and Brooklyn to attend the College Music Journal conference. It was an insane experience not only because it was my first time in both of those cities but it was also the first time I got to experience a club that was in the back alley of a sketchy Brooklyn neighborhood where the bouncer took five dollars instead of checking IDs. Inside, the smell of alcohol and weed filled my nostrils. I pushed through all the people dancing and made my way to the front of the stage. I gazed upon two DJs from the UK whose names escape me but their set will forever by burned into my mind. The two were dropping grime hits mixed with deep house anthems and one of the tracks that really caught my attention was SpectrumGoldLink's latest release from his upcoming, debut album.

  1. The track is a mix between house and hip-hop that reminds me of Mac Miller's style of mixing the two styles. However, GoldLink does it in a way that dances with the beat instead of conforming it to his style. 
  2. The lyrics are as bouncy and direct as the hi-hats and bass notes.
  3. The beat would be a boppable jam by itself. With GoldLink's verses, it is a masterpiece.

Listen to Spectrum below and be sure to cop GoldLinks debut album 'And After That, We Didn’t Talk' on November 13th via Soulection.