Daily Track: "Speed Racer by Mac Miller & Chase N. Cashe" [Free Download]

When an album is being created there is usually a plethora of tracks that don't ever see the light of day (and sometimes that is for the best). However, there is a lot of silver sitting on artists' hard drives and sometimes the fans get to hear it. Today, I want to share Speed Racer which is a track that didn't quite make the cut for Mac Miller's "GO:OD AM', but it is boppable nonetheless.

  1. I can see why this track didn't make the cut. It doesn't really fit the theme of GO:OD AM, in my opinion, which is fine because by itself it is a boppable track. The beat is more psychedelic and the production quality is more mixtape than album. It is raw and that is completely okay.
  2. The track tells a hilarious story and it is definitely Mac flexing in a completely silly way.  It is fun and the theme of Speed Racer is fucking awesome. 
  3. The track just makes you want to get in the Mach 5 and mob around the neighborhood.

Download Speed Racer below and get ready for your head to fall off.