Daily Track: "SPIDER by SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo aka The Bloody Beetroots)"

One of the very first electronic songs that I latched onto as a kid was Warp 1.9 which was a wild track featuring a new sound of electronic beats and screaming like the screamo I heard my friends play through their moms' sound systems. Ever since, I have credited the track to my upbringing into the world of electronic dance music and I am stoked to hear that Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots is back on the scene with his new track Spider,.

  1. Spider is a crazy track that reminds me of the feeling I got when I first listened to Warp 1.9. It is full of heavy bass, nasty saws, and even the iconic screaming that fans have come accustomed to over the years. This may not be a full comeback of The Bloody Beetroots but I am sure SBCR can bring the craziness. 
  2. Speaking of craziness, this track takes you on one fucking wild ride. The track goes from screaming to electrohouse to moombahton to drum and bass and everywhere else in-between. There are so many genres and influences coming out of this track that we can only classify it as boppable.
  3. The title of the track is well portrayed through the movement of the track as well. Whilst listening to the song with my eyes closed I can envision a cartoon spider terrorizing a group of people in a Scooby Doo styled chase with SBCR's track as the soundtrack. Fuck, I can't wait for a music video.

Jumpstart your week by blasting Spider by SBCR and scare the shit out of your coworkers by placing a fake spider on their desks.