Daily Track: "Stay Feat. Su Bviley & Jace Of Retrosushi by Danny Seth" [FREE ALBUM]

September 21 2015.jpg

Rappers from the US are spread out across the globe. The names Drake and Jay go platinum in several different countries, but when is the last time you ever heard of a UK rapper making it big. Oh, that's right, it is a rare oddity. Well, Danny Seth, is coming to change that. He dropped a full album for free last week and it is one of the most interesting projects out there. The specific track for today is Stay featuring Su Bviley and Jace Of Retrosushi, but the whole album deserves a listen.

  1. Danny Seth is honest and authentic. Within the first track he talks about how he was born to be on stage. He isn't (can't) be a suit and tie behind a computer screen. Danny Seth is an artist and this is his masterpiece. A lot of rappers go into the game for the glory and the fame, but not Danny. He does it for the art.
  2. The whole album is beautifully produced. It is a mixture between 808s and Gregorian style chords and orchestrated strings. You can definitely tell that this is coming from the UK, but that doesn't hinder the project. If anything, it makes it better.
  3. I chose to highlight Stay specifically because it is smooth yet powerful. This is the track you play when you are driving to your empire. Also, tell me Su Bviley doesn't sound like Jay-Z on this track.

Danny Seth is setting out to share his art with the world and I welcome it. I hope you do to. Show some love and listen to his album 'Perception' below. 

Download here.