Daily Track: "Swings and Waterslides by Viola Beach"

This past week I have been gallivanting around New York and I have gone to a lot of alternative shows. Therefore I have been in a indie mood and so I thought I would share with y'all a band that gets me in a good mood instantaneously with their track Swings and Waterslides.

  1. Viola Beach is an indie pop coming out of Warrington, England and their sound is a blended mix of traditional indie pop and English guitar riffs.
  2. The song Swings and Waterslides is cheery and inviting. There is no way you cannot be in a good mood after listening to the track.
  3. The track itself is about coming home for the summer and doing all the things that you used to do in the summers as a teen. Swings, waterslides, and late nights. A classic, boppable pop song theme.

Check out Viola Beach's Swings and Waterslides below and be sure to watch out for their debut album coming soon!