Daily Track: "Clean by The Japanese House"

October 1 2015.jpg

Contrary to common belief, a boppable track doesn't have to be a song that makes you rage. My mantra has always been making/sharing pretty music because I am a big softie who likes beauty in art. Today's track comes from the 19 year old producer/song writer The Japanese House and she is making waves with her latest track Clean.

  1. For a track to be boppable it just has to have some level of a good beat and emotion. Whether the emotion and beat are simple or intelligent doesn't matter. What matters is if the song can make you move your head and Clean definitely can make me sway my head to the beat. 
  2. The Japanese House is incredibly talented. Her level of production and song writing is emotional and, well, clean. She definitely has a tight hold on her formula. 
  3. Clean also incorporates some more traditional sounds such as the strings and almost jazzy undertones. The song breathes and climaxes as she takes her time with every bar making it a boppable experience for the listener. 

Check out The Japanese House's track Clean below and be on the lookout for her forthcoming EP coming out on November 6th which will also be pressed. (Limited Edition)