Daily Track: "Big Catzz by Rustie"

As I listen to more hip-hop I tend to come across more and more interesting producers. One producer that floated into my feed over the weekend was Rustie who is a Glasgow beat master that is making his mark all over Europe right now. Today I present to you his recent track Big Catzz to jump start your week.

  1. Rustie has a very modest aesthetic to his music and his image. When you browse his Twitter or Soundcloud it feels as if you are browsing the page of a friend and not a producer who is playing festivals around the world. That makes his presence inviting as if he has something cool to show you.
  2. Indeed he does! Big Catzz is an explosive shmorgishborg of bass and it makes me want to run a marathon with mile to every bar. Between the drums and the melody the listener is given a pep talk that makes anything possible. 
  3. The track's title does the sound justice because it is a monstrous beat. Like a big cat, this song knows that it is boss and anyone who bumps it will let everyone around them know that they are a boss as well.

Start your week off right with Rustie's boppable track Big Catzz and be sure to follow the dude on Twitter