Daily Track: "Wastaga by ATTLAS"

The mysterious ATTLAS is coming out of the darkness even more with the recent release of Wastaga which dropped on Soundcloud last Thursday night. This track is exciting news for fans of the Mau5trap star because he will be dropping an EP titled Scene on August 7th!

  1. ATTLAS is not Deadmau5 but it is no surprise that the head honcho would sign him to his label. ATTLAS' sound is completely original and he may well be the next predecessor to Deadmau5 in terms of his original tech-house sound. His sound is what you would expect to here in a UK underground rave but it has a sprinkle of artistic flair that makes the listener think that ATTLAS is an artist - not a DJ.
  2. Wastaga is a mesmerizing mix of attitude that is driven by a forceful four to the floor. This track is mean but forgiving. It is kinda of beautiful in a way because something so mean and powerful is so loving and peaceful. A perfect juxtaposition. 
  3. This track is the first off ATTLAS' second music project. His EP, Scene, is a six track venture that electronic music fans are dying for because since his debut people have been mesmerized by the producer and what he creates. As the press release for the EP stated, "ATTLAS has been unanimously described since the beginning, completely original at a time when originality is in short supply." TL;DR I am fucking stoked.

Check out ATTLAS' Wastaga below and be sure to pre-order his second EP, Scene, which drops on August 7th!