Daily Track: "Your Mind by Tarro"

Mondays suck so much. As we drag ourselves out of bed, a place of comfort and wonder where we dream, we are anxious about the work week ahead of us and how much of our lives we waste doing the remedial. That is why it is much safer just to stay in bed and sleep. However, if you don't want to be evicted, but you also want to enjoy the glorious feeling of staying in bed then you need to listen to Tarro's new track Your Mind.

  1. Future bass is totally over-rated and it all blends together. However, the genre still manages to transport the listener into another state of being. Another state of feeling. Your Mind will transport you from the mundane Monday blues and set you upon a cloud as you drift through the wonders of your mind with each and every chord.
  2. Tarro was featured on the blog before with his remix of FFYL by Quinn. Here we are familiarized with his juxtaposition composition as he beefs up the feminine sounds of future with the bass styles of trap. If the music doesn't transport you into another state of consciousness, it will surely make you bop your head.
  3. Overall, the track is a euphoric high. I am not in any particular mood as I write this post, but Tarro's track has a way of making me believe everything might be okay in the end.

Be sure to check out Tarro's track Your Mind (has a Madeon feel to it) and if you like it be sure to give him a favorite on Soundcloud.