Daily Track: "Telegraph Ave. (BEAR FACE Remix) by Childish Gambino"

Friday morning vibes are the calm before the storm of alcohol and regrets. That being the case, we need chill, boppable beats to compliment our Friday morning cup of espresso. Today I want to share an old remix of Telegraph Ave. off of Childish Gambino's sophomore album 'Because the Internet'. BEAR FACE is taking us for a trip.

  1. Telegraph Ave. is one of my favorite tracks off 'Because the Internet' and I will never forget blasting the track as I rode around the streets of Oakland in my mom's Ford Escape, trying to find a non-existent parking space for the Childish Gambino concert that never happened. The song was a huge part of my mental development in 2013-14 and it still holds me on an emotional level. Between the lyrics and the production of the original beat, I am torn apart (in a good way).
  2. BEAR FACE popped up on my radar after watching a short film where his original track Taste My Sad was used as the soundtrack. The way I view BEAR FACE is the would be product of blending The 1975 + Electronic Music + A Dash of The XX + an 808 drum machine. The result is something magically boppable. 
  3. His remix of Telegraph Ave. retains most of the emotion from the original and intensifies it in a different way. The intro ambiance from the original track is lost but BEAR FACE still makes the listener feel the emotion that Gambino is conveying while also making the listener feel disconnected from the world. Basically, you'll catch the feels while you bop your head to the beat.

Check out BEAR FACE'S remix of Telegraph Ave. below. If ya dig, check out the rest of his SC. You won't be disappointed.