Daily Track: "The Long Run by Observer Drift"

Chillwave is a common good here in San Francisco but somehow Observer Drift wasn't on my radar until a friend showed me their music over the weekend. Immediately I thought of them as a chill MGMT knock-off however as I listened more to their latest LP, 'Echolocation' I have come to realize that Observer Drift is an amazing band in their own right and that is why I want to highlight one of my favorite tracks, The Long Run

  1. What is chillwave? Think of an indie movie and the music that would play as a character runs on the beach. It would sound airy and relaxed which is essentially chillwave. I really enjoy the aesthetic because it is a cross between happy beach vibes and melancholy attitudes. 
  2. The Long Run is a perfect crossbreed between the happy melodies and melancholy vibes of chillwave given the chord progressions and the lyrics. "We were just one. Now we're just two."
  3. Observer Drift really stood out to me because of their unique sound. In San Francisco, every band tries to capitalize off of that lo-fi pop sound however most blend together and I can't pick out who is who. I don't have that problem with Observer Drift and when I hear one of their songs in the future I can immediately say, "Oh! That's an Observer Drift song."

Check out The Long Run below and be sure to peep 'Echolocation' their latest LP.