Daily Track: "The New Black by Prince Harvey"

It is not everyday that I come across an unknown artist who has the power to change my whole outlook on music and where I am with my own career. I have been in a funk for a long time coming. I feel like I am in a never ending existential dilemma. Then I read this Daily Beast article that featured NYC rapper Prince Harvey. He has an interesting story and is the only artist to be featured on the EDM blog with a song that has no instruments or drums. 100% boppable acapella music.

  1. Being in and out of depression has left me drained on many levels. Then I read Prince Harvey's story on the Daily Beast. Prince recorded his latest album, PHATASS, in an Apple store on a display computer after his laptop crashed leaving him with no means to make music. Just the fact that he can create a piece of art that is full of raw emotion and rhythm using the bare essentials blows my mind. It is truly inspiring. 
  2. On top of his intuitiveness to record an album on a display Mac, he also had something to say about being broke. “I don’t think I’m poor. Poor is a mentality. I mean, I can be broke—no money in my pocket—but I’ve never been poor. I’ve been rich my whole life..." - Prince Harvey via Daily Beast. 
  3. The song itself is raw and unfiltered. The production is choppy and simplistic which makes it all the better. I always get myself down thinking about how I am a broke college student living in the most expensive city in the US. It is really depressing. However, if I can adopt the same mentality as Prince Harvey, I think I will be okay. You don't need a dime to be rich. 

Thank you Prince Harvey for giving me a new outlook on life. Go support this legendary artist on Soundcloud and watch out for his album PHATASS (Prince Harvey At The Apple Store: SoHo) dropping July 27th.