Daily Track: "Til The Morning (Snakehips Remix) by Kehlani"

Kehlani is a household name in the Bay Area and she is beginning to take on the entire world. She is one of the most powerful female artists I have seen live and every time I hear her perform I am mesmerized by her grace. Last week she released an remix EP of her recent project 'You Should Be Here'. The track that really gave me vibes was Snakehips' remix of Til The Morning.

  1. Snakehips are two dudes who really understand hip-hop and RnB. I haven't seen them since Snow Globe last year, but I just remember them killing it in the middle of the afternoon. Definitely watch out for these two producers. 
  2. Kehlani is a goddess in the Bay Area and her music is on another level. Not only is it good music but it is also very empowering for women. We need more artists like her!
  3. Last, it is a smooth RnB jam that really gets you vibing. This isn't what you play at your desk but what you play as soon as you get home to your SO after a long day. ;)

Check out Snakehips' remix of Til The Morning below and be sure to show some love on Kehlani's and Snakehips SC.