Daily Track: "Trap King featuring Adriana Gomez by The Two Friends and INSTRUM"

Who says house music has to be electronic? Today, I want to bring you an awesome rendition of Fetty Wap's Trap Queen covered by Adriana Gomez and produced by two up and coming producers; Instrum and The Two Friends

  1. The vocals are what sparked inspiration for Instrum who then recruited the Two Friends to get on the track. What I like about Adriana's vocals is that it flips the song into one that is more empowering for women which is awesome. No matter what gender we identify as we can all be royalty of the trap. 
  2. Instrum is an amazing producer who blends live instruments with his skills as an electronic producer. That sexy sax compliments the track so well and it brings soul back to house music. In this world of presets and sample packs it is refreshing to hear that human touch on an instrument.
  3. The Two Friends' bubbly synth play and unique perspectives comes through in the track. I have been following the duo for two years and I am so happy for them to be doing great things like this song. Good job dudes!

Get over hump day and listen to Instrum, Adriana Gomez, and The Two Friends' Trap King. It will put you in the best of moods.