Daily Track: "Vibrations by Axel Thesleff"

Beauty and music speak one universal language. Today's track is the latest from the Finnish producer Axel Thesleff and it contains (I'm assuming) Finnish lyrics. Now, I barely understand Spanish so there is no way I can understand what is being said in Vibrations but I can still comprehend the boppable beat. 

  1. Music is beautiful because it is a product of emotion. A song can contain lyrics, but a person does not need to speak the same language to feel what the artist feels. I don't speak Finnish and I am going to assume anyone reading this doesn't either. However, Axel has a beautiful way of using bass and chords to create a sense of beauty, pain, and power with his track. It shakes you to your core and makes your insides feel all fuzzy. If you can understand the lyrics that is just icing on the cake.
  2. What is beautiful about the track is that it is a juxtaposition between beauty and power. For the first half we are presented with the lyrics and a beautiful melody that keeps the listener floating above the sound. With colors splashing around as the melody plays, we are taken back by the beauty.
  3. Later on, the beauty is overpowered by bass vibrations that shake the listener to their core and causes the listener to bop in a state of awe. At the end, the two forces join together for a beautiful, powerful finish.

Support one of my favorite producers in the game right now by listening to the masterpiece that is Vibrations. 

You can download the track for free on Bandcamp. (Thanks Axel!)