Daily Track: "Wave(s) by Lewis Del Mar"

I have been avoiding indie pop music for awhile however I couldn't pass up Lewis Del Mar's latest track Wave(s). This song is fresh from the studio and the groove within the track is irresistible as John Mayer was in 2005.

  1. The sound of Lewis Del Mar is interesting. I want him to be singing jazz numbers like Michael Buble yet he blends pop with a vibe that I can only describe as a more electronic Black Keys turned down a couple notches to a level that is comparable to The Neighbourhood. 
  2. The track also has some RnB vibes within the lyrics and Lewis Del Mar is definitely insinuating that sexy times are ahead. 
  3. All in all, it is a solid production and I am excited to see what more comes from Lewis in the future.

Check out Wave(s) below and be sure to follow Lewis Del Mar for the latest indie pop tracks from this talented artist.